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Update, maintain and develop digital business processes
in S/4HANA using AI elements. Impossible?
It's possible, but how?

Transport Impact Analysis:
Process security, data consistency, high availability and information security for your SAP systems!

Verified Transport Orders
Per Year
Bugs Found
Per Year
Saved Person Days*
Per Year
Correction Costs Saved* €
Per Year
* Assumption: Approximately 0.5 PD time required per transport correction, daily rate €800 per PD

With every change, with every transport, there is also a certain risk.

Above all, users are driven by the following thoughts about TIA:

Our main TIA application U:R4-TIA – Transport Impact Analysis enables you to do all this and much more.


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What do you and your colleagues gain from TIA?

Above all: Quality and Relaxation in times of stressful SAP Changes.

IT/SAP Responsible

Cost reductions in the context of SAP change management by avoiding direct and indirect costs by up to 90% through the increase in quality up to 99.9%. This improves planning and reliability

Change Manager / Change Management Organization

Usage Impacts, Element Impacts, Overtaker Impacts, Overwriter Impacts, Critical Object Impacts, Dangerous Object Impacts, Security Vulnerabilities, Transported Object Impacts from Critical Processes.

SAP Admins

More relaxed work in the SAP system, even under the toughest conditions, DevOps in the backend

Departments and Industries

Reliable schedules and reliable functioning of the SAP production system, time-to-market, faster implementation of changes in business processes

SAP Developers

Fewer hot fixes, fewer emergency transports, less QA effort, fewer customer complaints, higher quality, DevOps in the backend

Is there anything else?
A lot!

In addition to the Transport Impact Analysis with TIA, we can also help you in other fields with tools and experience:


Positive and negative lists with U:R4-LS (Listener) and U:R4-CU (CleanUp).
What should be included in the changeover, what is left out?


With U:R4-REF you move your system elements  and
programs to other namespaces.

New, clean structures can be introduced.


U:R4-Synch ensures that systems from different lines are kept in lockstep.
Keeping development and test systems in sync becomes child’s play.


With U:R4-MT you get easily interpretable modification traces.
Keep an overview, analyze in a targeted manner.


U:R4-TIA-PA – the suffix PA stands for process analysis in change management:
Your overview of which processes and objects are affected by specific transports.

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