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Unleashing Innovation in SAP Change Management
– Security and Quality in S/4HANA –

About us

If you want to keep up in the age of digitization, you can no longer rely on manual or semi-automated processes and procedures. Speed ​​is the trump card and time to market is the decisive competitive advantage in the global fight for market share and success! As a company, we see humanity because we shift the load away from people to software automation and IT operational improvement. We are convinced that digitization must first serve people, because then digitization automatically supports value creation through appreciation. Today and in the future, high availability, operational security, revision security and innovation speed must be increasingly ensured and implemented with fully digitized software solutions in IT operations. With Firnkorn & Stortz, you can unleash your potential on the SAP Basis and achieve hitherto undreamt-of levels of maturity in terms of quality, security, and high availability. Firnkorn & Stortz stands for the refinement and tuning of the SAP change management. With our partnership, you make a significant contribution to the personal liability of board members and managing directors in relation to risk management. Integrated into sustainable partner networks, sustainable solutions are created for your tasks and challenges on your way into the future with SAP S/4HANA. Our holistic solution approach supports our customers in always operating their SAP systems quickly and securely, in compliance with the law and in an audit-proof manner. In this way, we make a significant contribution to significantly reducing the risk of default and thus to the personal liability of the board members for risk management. With our Quality and Security Center, we focus on the special field of transport impact analysis in SAP change management and form an important functional module in the technical approval processes. In addition, Firnkorn & Stortz stands for the automation of routine business in SAP operations. Modern, intelligent Saas solutions relieve your employees and free up resources for high-quality, strategic tasks. Be it the automatic system cleanup in preparation for migrations, refactoring and synchronization or the analysis of business processes affected by changes.

Our values

Franz-Josef Stortz

Executive Partner
After graduating with a degree in finance, Franz Josef Stortz held various specialist and managerial positions with a focus on system development at the Federal Finance Administration at the Frankfurt Airport data center, insurance companies, Nixdorf Computer AG, SAP AG and the company s+p software support Service GmbH . Outstanding achievements were, among other things, during his many years of work at SAP in the R/2 area, the creation of delivery notes and invoicing in batches, the production of XA capability for batch processing; in R/3 the redesign of the ABAP performance trace, as well as cooperation in the development of the switch & enhancement framework. For this last job, he became a member of SAP’s 2007 Employee Team of the Year. He has outstanding knowledge in the business area of ​​SAP solution development down to the last detail. After these exciting years, F.-J. Stortz at the company S+P software support Service GmbH with the focus on solution development for the optimization of SAP systems. His solutions were used by 30% of the then Dax companies and medium-sized companies. In addition to other interesting tools in the SAP environment, the transport impact analysis that has been on the market since 2009 is by far the most innovative and most valuable solution for customers because it finally brings security to the SAP change management. On his consistent career path, FJ Stortz has earned an excellent reputation in the industry through his high-profile projects and can look back on more than 30 years of SAP professional experience. His network of specialists enables the complex exchange of creative solutions for future contributions to digital transformation.

Thomas Firnkorn

Executive Partner
After training as a mechatronics technician at AEG Telefunken, Thomas Firnkorn completed his engineering studies at the University of Heilbronn in production technology and logistics. After various specialist and management positions in automation technology, communication technology and networks and IT outsourcing at AEG, Bosch and Siemens AG, Thomas Firnkorn founded his consulting and sales company. Thomas Firnkorn has many years of management experience in the IT and industrial sector, as well as in-depth knowledge of the industrial and commercial sector. Various intellectual property rights relating to the Internet of Things and their safety and security underscore his commitment and experience. During his time at Siemens, he supported the TOP+ sustainability program and established the strategic account management “Siemens One” in the south-west region. On his consistent career path, he was responsible for the IT outsourcing business at Siemens in Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg. He developed new technologies such as cloud-ready services and headed the special interest group SIG Cloud Computing in the high-tech network BWCON eV in Stuttgart on a voluntary basis. His membership in the Wirtschaftsrat Deutschland e.V. (Economic Council Germany) and in the Federal Commission for Internet and Digital Economy enables a large EU-wide network of business contacts.

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