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U:R4-LS® und U:R4-CU®

A must-do, not only before release change and S/4HANA conversion: system clean-up service for your SAP environment
System clean-up, the diet for SAP systems. Free your SAP landscape from objects and custom developments that are no longer required. Start with streamlined systems in system and client copies, in development projects, in updates or in the S/4HANA migration. U:R4-LS and U:R4-CU are the cleaning crews for your SAP environments: clean, transparent, audit-proof. Our range of services relieves your IT team – we work – you enjoy the result!



Are you planning a system copy, a full backup, a release change or an S/4HANA migration and want to harmonize and reduce your programs and adjustments beforehand? U:R4-LS® Listener and U:R4-CU® Clean up analyze the customer’s own ZY namespaces for the use of objects and programs and generate a deletion list. With this we clean up the program inventory and the dependent metadata. Only the active programs that are actually required remain. The time savings and cost reduction as well as the significant simplification of your rework are enormous!




customer experience

Experience shows again and again: Depending on the customer installation, a clean system can save 40-60% of the time required for loading and searching processes. Stress relief included.
Of course, correspondingly lean environments also show their advantages in terms of backup. Depending on the customer installation, experience has shown that a 30-60% reduction is common.
Of course, lean systems also have a significant impact on project plans that are just as lean for the projected times for development, update and migration projects.



Frequently asked questions and answers

This question occupies CIOs and SAP managers more and more often. Because old program code is vulnerable to security, uses storage space and costs performance. Conclusion: Unnecessary costs and effort arise. Therefore, clean-up services that clean the SAP systems largely automatically and taking into account the current program usage are urgently needed.
Firstly, by analyzing old program code and checking for current use. In the second step, programs that are no longer required are automatically deleted without leaving any residue. In order to achieve this, you can use simple on-board resources and, in addition, consultants. However, this procedure is comparatively lengthy and expensive. The alternative can be so-called clean-up services, which systemically clean the SAP systems as a managed service.
Successful migrations are based on professional preparation. Migrations are often a welcome opportunity to shed old habits. The analysis of old programs that are no longer used is an important building block for this: Lean systems are more powerful and less prone to errors. In addition, the migration can run much faster, and the new target system is clean and free of ballast. In the future, clean-up services will be indispensable for handling such tasks, because in the age of digitization, IT organizations can no longer afford to perform routine business manually.
“It has been years since the last system cleanup. We have come a long way from the standard and now we want to go back to the standard.” In order to handle such situations economically, clean-up services are helpful in the age of digitization, which carry out such tasks automatically.
The documentation of the programs and their administration in the YZ namespace are complex. Often the client in the business and the developer are no longer available. No one knows anymore whether one or the other program is still needed. For fear of deleting too much or the wrong program, it is better not to delete anything and the proliferation is carried along more and more. Clean-up services are available for carrying out such cleansing, which check all elements and programs for actual use, generate appropriate deletion suggestions and delete them automatically and without residue after approval.
Yes clearly. There are some free tools in the SAP framework and professional solutions that are offered as standard software or even as a service. For example, the clean-up service from Firnkorn & Stortz is implemented as a service and thus relieves the customer’s specialists by up to 80%.
The real automation takes place through a holistic service, which determines the use of the programs in DQP lines across systems, shows them and can delete them system-wide without leaving any residue. The users can evaluate the deletion suggestions.
Many SAP users and their specialists in development and operations ask themselves such burning questions. F+S has a number of solutions for this.

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