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What is SAP Focused Build?

Focused Build is a methodology for managing requirements and software development in large, agile projects. It is based on preconfigured and integrated, tool-supported processes and the Solution Manager. The delivery takes place together with this. Focused Build offers a combination of classic project management, requirements engineering, test management and release management tools. This means that the entire process of requirement-to-deploy can be mapped in the SAP standard. The Focused Build basis also enables companies to develop software solutions for typical business processes on the basis of the supplied best practice process templates, thereby significantly reducing development/implementation times.

Benefits of Focused Build SAP

There are other benefits to using the Focused Build for new requirements, including:
  • Clear information interfaces: Information flows without media breaks, no loss of information between the project phases, clear milestones for the transfer from one role to the next. Approvals are also documented in terms of compliance. Once created, content is available throughout the software lifecycle, eliminating integration gaps.
  • Common language: Standardized, structured and systematic approach including workflow support as well as resource planning and control.
  • Central metadata repository, including documentation, test cases and configuration information.
  • Automated reporting: resources, changes, problems, risks.
  • continuous integration and delivery of software changes.
It is a certain challenge to consistently transport the released, changed function modules to the target environments. Even if some release management functions are on board and, of course, ChaRM or HALM are still available: especially in complex SAP environments, it is not trivial to predict all the effects of a transport in the target environment. For this purpose, there are tools such as U:R4-TIA from Firnkorn & Stortz, which take a holistic view of transport management across all system environments and releases, make release proposals independently and sometimes even correct errors automatically. In addition, the consultants from Firnkorn & Storz can support you with comprehensive advice in the area of ​​Focused Build SAP.

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