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U:R4-TIA-PA® Process Analysis

The SAP process analysis – because your time is valuable. After transports, only check what needs to be checked. And only that.
They are progressive and have already mapped integrated business processes across modules in SAP. In this change you want to know which business processes are affected by transport requests. You want to know whether your business processes are still running without restrictions after the change. SAP Process Analysis or SAP process analysis is the magic word.



In the context of change management, it is often necessary to analyze entire  business processes  , for example in purchasing or in scheduling. In order to only  test the workbench objects affected by a change,  the process analysis with U:R4-PA analyzes all workbench objects together with the associated processes to determine whether they need to be tested after import, update, migration, … In the case of processes/transactions in which no WB objects are exchanged, the procedure does not change – they therefore do not have to be tested. This results in enormous time savings and error reduction.




customer experience

Empirical values ​​in this environment are very customer- and system-specific. For this reason, we consider it dubious to give specific figures. However, U:R4-PA offers full transparency about the business processes affected by a change. The elements to be checked for the correct flow of business processes in the target system can be identified very quickly. The departments can thus focus on these with program and function tests.



Frequently asked questions and answers

By using UR:4-PA, our process analysis. This determines which objects in transport requests are used by which business processes and displays this connection.
With the use of our process analysis (PA) and our transport impact analysis (TIA), these relationships are recognized and displayed.
Our process analysis (PA) determines the objects used in your business processes. The Transport Impact Analysis (TIA) in combination with PA checks whether objects are present in the process BOM and displays the affected business processes.
Many SAP users and their specialists in development and operations ask themselves such burning questions. F+S has a number of solutions for this.

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