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Governance & compliance in regular transport operations – with the automation feature for TIA
You have the choice! Our Transport Impact Analysis (U:R4-TIA – you are for TIA) can be operated independently in your own namespace or integrated into the standard transactions SE09, STMS,… In addition, TIA can optionally be connected to the release process of the Solution Manager V7.2 and ChaRM.



U:R4-TIA Automation integrates the U:R4-TIA checks into the corresponding SAP ® transactions and adapts the corresponding processing to the U:R4-TIA check results. In addition, the users are assigned authorizations that allow emergency releases (release despite detected errors). The standard transaction processing is carried out depending on the TIA check results. All test results are stored in the SAP system and can be viewed again at any time (revision security)




customer experience

With the TIA automatisms, our customers achieve an average reduction in the lead time for planning and testing a rollout in complex development/update/projects from around 4 weeks to around 2 days
Our customers all agree: TIA helps. This in turn results in a perfect recommendation rate of 100%



Frequently asked questions and answers

TIA Automation is the integration into SAP via the standard transactions SE09, STMS,… In addition, TIA can be integrated into the Solution Manager V7.2 and its release process with ChaRM via a BAdI.
Again and again, best of breed and best of integration face each other. TIA connects both worlds by combining Best of Breed with TIA as an outstanding special solution for error-free transport orders in SAP change management with the SAP Best of Integration approach.
TIA is a valuable addition to change management that is indispensable for every SAP customer worldwide. SAP tools are valuable basics, which, however, have to be optimized with consultant know-how. TIA, on the other hand, is an integrable standard that detects errors in the transport requests before they take effect. TIA simulates the use of transport requests against target systems. Detected errors are displayed online in a dialog to a developer/admin and supplemented with specific instructions for error correction and a corresponding jump mark. Recurring errors are automatically corrected by AI elements. The benefit and cost reduction are significant!
Many SAP users and their specialists in development and operations ask themselves such burning questions. F+S has a number of solutions for this.

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