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The fully automated transport service for your objects into other namespaces: Our refactoring process
Transfer your objects from one namespace to another at the click of a button! U:R4-REF



Use case #1: Transferring external developer code to customer systems Use case #2: Separation of custom developments into logical function groups Use case #3: Separation of SAP systems (carve out, selective company sales) Would you like to restructure and reorganize your developments by introducing namespaces or assigning the objects of the developments to other namespaces? Do you want to restructure your entire company and sell parts of it? Or are you a software house and want to deliver completed SAP solutions and install them safely at the customer? U:R4-REF copies any (partial) sets of your customer objects into the new namespace and automatically adapts all calls in the coding and dictionary. The aim of this tool is to transfer the part of your customer-specific workbench objects specified by you to a different namespace. This happens fully automatically with predefined rules for exceptions and special handling. The complete processing is documented step by step and is therefore available in the system in an audit-proof manner.




customer experience

Depending on the number of objects to be transferred, our customers reduced corresponding projects from originally 5-100 man-days to 1-5 man-days.
The average error rate when refactoring with U:R4-REF is less than 0.1%.



Frequently asked questions and answers

Are you facing a merger or carve out and need to split and transfer SAP systems? Or are you a software house and want to deliver project software? REFactoring facilitates the division and splitting off of system components/program code into new namespaces. It enables the separation of in-house developments into logical function groups and smooth transfer/delivery
You can commission consulting companies, use SAP tools or rely on professional solutions from specialists. U:R4-REF – transfers any (partial) sets of your customer objects to the new namespace and automatically adjusts all calls in the coding and dictionary.
  • Copy selected workbench objects with a new, specified name
  • Determine ‘old’ places of use or calls in the new, copied objects and then rename them with the new name.
Many SAP users and their specialists in development and operations ask themselves such burning questions. F+S has a number of solutions for this.

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